The Fly On The Wall - November Committee Meeting - 21st November 2012

Reporter: Andrew Walker

On a dark wet November evening Vanessa Miller provided her customary warm welcome, and we were graced afterwards by a visit from Dave and the cats while we had tea and cake.

Following a request to make back issues of the Newsletter available on the website, we agreed that that this was a good idea, but it was decided that they would be accessible only by club members who would need to use a password to get access to them. Details to follow, in the Jan Newsletter.

We looked at how best to organise social events. The problem was that there seems to be a lack of co-ordination, with the result that tasks are not done, or are done late. Whoever is organising the events needs a proper prompt for every aspect of the task. And emails can only come from a person permitted to send out a Newsflash. We also thought that it would be best not to send out emails to club members about more than one event, partly because you can’t later search for an event email by subject heading, and also because to include two or perhaps three events in one email tended to dilute the impact.

One of the knottiest problems for discussion was membership fees, in particular following the recent increase in charges. We have a number of problems, including members who have not paid at all, who have paid, but at the old rate, or who have overpaid, as well as a few who have resigned but not stopped their payments.

The City walk was well attended and was hailed as a great success, but there was a general view that it was not as interesting as it had been in previous years. The Christmas meal (to be held on Friday 30 November) was evidently a popular choice and is fully subscribed; indeed it was so popular that extra places were negotiated, and 40 members have booked their places.

On the winter season social meetings we had had some difficulty with Sale Sports Club, who were not prepared to provide a room in view of the relatively modest amount of money we spent at the bar, and will look instead at the Chill Factore. There was also the usual problem of a lack of speakers, but we got round that one for the meeting on 2 January by having a photography competition. The rules will be published elsewhere, but in short you can send your best shots of skiing holidays and try your luck on the night.

Finally, the Instructor Coaching sessions at the Chill Factore had been very well received, and according to John Weatherell all was going fine.