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Summer BBQ At Alan & Caro Brown’s Sunday July 29th 2012

Reporter: Christine Fildes

This year's mid July party was once again a successful Barbeque at Alan and Caro Brown's house in Tytherington, Macclesfield.

Over twenty five guests were present, which included SCoM Members, swimmers and advanced drivers. The conversations included world travelling, plans for the autumn, the coming ski season and of course gardening!

Despite the mixed weather forecast, we only had a light rain shower which was unfortunately just as Alan started grilling the burgers, so the gazebo was maneuvered over the Chef / BBQ while the guests mingled in the magnificent conservatory overlooking the lovely garden, until the sun re-appeared again.

Alan's barbecuing expertise was, as usual, complemented by culinary delights prepared by Caroline and other guests, who contributed to range of dishes. On the menu was chicken, ably cooked by Caroline, Kebabs, beef burgers and sausages, grilled to perfection by Alan, assorted salads and a marvelous selection of desserts.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Caroline and Alan for organising such a great lunch time event.

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