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Golf Event, Friday June 15th 2012

By John Day

We played last year at Knutsford golf course as the guests of Jane and Peter Fairclough and had so enjoyed the day that there was a unanimous decision to come back again this year. Unfortunately we were not treated to the same weather. However considering how much rain we have had we were lucky to be able to play at all and as the course is built on sand it does drain particularly well.

This year, 10 ski club members played, including Jonathon Reeve who is a very welcome new face. The course as ever was a delight to play. Although only a 9 hole course it is never boring and most of the par fours are of a challenging length, especially in wet conditions when the ball does not run so far. We played in 3 and 4 balls and finished just before the heavens opened, by which time we had found our way to the bar. One of the main reasons we love coming to Knutsford is the standard of catering and this year was no exception. We were treated to a chicken casserole followed by strawberries and meringues. I suspect when we are too decrepit to ski and to golf we will still come back to Kntusford just to eat!

The meal was followed by presentation of prizes. No expense spared and the winner, Celia Berent was presented with a golf ball!

Our thanks to Jane and Peter for inviting us back, and hosting the day at Knutsford. Another memorable days’ golf, and we look forward to next year.

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