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Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Vanessa Miller

With lots on the agenda as usual, we were eager to get started and cover all the items. The meeting was held at Andrew’s residence!

First on the agenda was the proposed additional instruction holiday from TDC in Val d'Isere in December. Barry managed to get our booking option with the holiday company extended to the 20th June and we discussed if we should take the plunge and use ski club funds to secure the suggested 20 places. 10 people had booked, and others had indicated interest, so we agreed to secure the places. Members may not appreciate that when the Club books a holiday it is exposed financially for a period, until all the money is collected in. An important consideration before booking.

We are having an ongoing discussion regarding member status i.e. new members, existing members, length of membership etc. Andrew has looked at some of the data we have, to try and analyse it. This has been helpful and from the limited data we hold, we have decided to have a get together at the end of June at Ian's house for our newer members. The aim, in addition to the great buddying service that our existing members provide, is to provide additional backup, enabling new members to find out more about the club, and to get ideas for new club activities etc.

Next was Alan's report which amongst other things looked at improving communications with our members, whilst we do try to get it right first time, we sometimes make mistakes.

Then followed a substantial discussion regarding the Newsflash system we are introducing. This system should be an effective way of informing our members what's happening between newsletters for those members who have email access. It will work alongside the Yahoo system we already have, and will keep members informed and reminded about events. The system will also be used to provide electronic newsletters for the majority of members who have email addresses. Other members will still get a paper copy if required. Overall this should save a lot of money in postage costs, which could be used in other areas. So watch this Newsflash!

Committee role descriptions were discussed. 80% have been completed and Alan and Ian are going to review these for the next meeting.

The rest of the meeting included:

  • Janet’s report on our current financial status.
  • An ongoing discussion about care for members continued. following Wendy's unfortunate accident in March. It is more than likely we will suggest to members that they keep relevant information on their person regarding insurance, medical information etc. for use in the event of an accident. (A form has already been drafted, which can be made available at the start of the holiday).
  • The summer activity programme, see this issue.
  • The winter programme was touched on, and we were all tasked to consider potential speakers, so if you know of anyone who you think would give an interesting talk, please let us know.

Thanks to Andrew for hosting the meeting, and for the homemade biscuits!!

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.