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Lancashire 3 Towers Walk, Saturday June 9th 2012

By Dave Miller

Saturday 9th June was a credit to the meteorologists, they said it would be wet and it was WET.

Despite the dismal forecast nobody cried off and a group of 7 walkers plus Sweep the dog (on loan to Vanessa and Dave for the day) met up in the rainy car park of the Shoulder of Mutton in Holcombe Village. Had the pub been open at that point who knows what turn events might have taken. However the taxi showed up before anyone got around to knocking them up, and whisked us away to the north side of Horwich and the start of our trek.

After our ascent to the first tower, being Rivington Pike, we should then have been treated to easy walking along well made tracks with fine moorland views. The tracks were rivers and poor Sweep spent much of the next few miles up to his belly in water (Jack Russell = short legs). I don't know whether the views were any good as we couldn't see them.

This set the scene for the day with wet feet and poor visibility being prevalent. Only Vanessa escaped with dry socks thanks to her new ‘Zamberlain’ boots.

There was an occasional respite from the showers and the odd section where it was drier underfoot, the stone trod across Angelzark moor being particularly welcome after a prolonged boggy section.

Lunch was a miserable affair with the group huddled around Darwen Tower (number two) trying to keep out of the wind and rain to eat their soggy sarnies.

Undaunted, the afternoon section was tackled with good humour which was improved further by a short lay over in the Strawberry Duck at Entwistle, which was warm and dry and quite difficult to leave.

After our final assault on Holcombe Moor we were greeted by Peel Monument (number three) rising out of the mist. Shortly after we had a warm welcome back at the Shoulder, now open and with plenty of food and drink to dispel any negative thoughts about the English summer weather.

Well done to all for making the effort in difficult conditions and staying positive. Everyone actually seemed to have enjoyed themselves, we are a perverse lot!

Spare a thought for poor Sweep, he must have done an extra 5 miles early on running back and to before he got the idea it was going to be a long day and he'd better pace himself. He had to be carried the last half mile due to sore feet and was very happy to be back home in the arms of his owner. I'm told he never stirred from his bed all the next day. Can't say I did much myself.

Here's hoping for better weather on my next ScoM jaunt to Silverdale.


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