Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Andrew Walker

There was, as ever, much to be discussed. Getting and retaining new members is crucial to maintaining a vibrant club community, and to support this we have decided to introduce a 2 for 1 introductory membership rate for new members for the first year. Ian Harford will also be hosting a new member meeting at the end of June, which should help us to gain an insight into what persuaded them to join and what will encourage them to stay. A separate aspect of membership is how to maintain membership details and keep in contact with members. It is quite difficult to ensure that the list is up to date, particularly bearing in mind data protection requirements, but we intend to generate a comprehensive mailing list. Club members would be able to update their own email addresses.

Always thinking ahead, we looked at the winter programme, and while we have some speakers organised for the October and November events there are still more slots in the schedule to fill.

In response to growing demand we discussed next season's third holiday, in particular the extent to which it would be seen as a teaching and training event, and how to cope with varying skill levels. You will know by now that we have decided to include TDC tuition, which we felt was a tremendous benefit.

We talked about Committee roles, and how the members could feel themselves to be active participants with defined roles or tasks. We also had a long look at the definitions of the existing formal roles such as Chairman or Secretary. It is something of a problem to start with what people are actually doing, because as people spend longer in roles and take on various ad hoc responsibilities which play to their skills, the roles may diverge from what might be regarded as the classic stereotype. Although we need to define what people actually do, because in that way we will capture all of the tasks, we thought that it would be helpful to look at everything that is done by somebody, and then consider such factors as where the role naturally lies as well as what people do at the moment. There are benefits from starting with a clean sheet. On the other hand we have many personal strengths which we would like retain and nurture even if they do not naturally fit into the person's "classic" role.

A very important matter, brought into focus by Wendy's unfortunate accident (but after which we were delighted to learn that she is making very good progress), was the personal information held about skiers on club holidays and whether we hold a schedule of that information. It is of course a matter of personal responsibility for skiers to decide what information they wish to carry with them when they are out skiing, or leave in their rooms or the safe, but in the unfortunate event of an accident, if the skier does have the information with them, in particular whether they are on medication it is of great help. Our view was that if they don't, then it would be helpful if a contact could be located who held such information or knew where it could be found, this was second best, but this places burdens on somebody else. The discussion continues.

In brief, other discussion points included Chill Factore sessions, the end of season party, membership subscription increases, SCoM membership benefits, and the inclusion of SCoM introduction cards into the Newsletter. And... Vanessa's carrot cup cakes were delicious!