Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Alan Brown

You'll be pleased to know that the committee kicked off its meetings season recently with a very packed agenda. The main thrust of much of the debate was how we can successfully cope with the increasing workload resulting from the growing membership. This, together with growing realisation that none of us is getting any younger, led us to two related conclusions: we need to get to know our members - especially the newer ones - with a view to sharing the tasks more widely by drawing on the offers we have had of help (we want to ensure that we get appropriate horses for courses); and we intend spending some time documenting processes and drawing up role outlines for the main tasks. This will ensure none of us becomes too indispensable!

Away from the drab admin parts, we decided after much debate to abandon the popular Giles courses, and this is covered elsewhere in the Newsletter. On the positive side, we are planning to balance this by bolstering the instructor-led Ski Meets at Chill Factore. More announcements will follow as we flesh out our ideas.

We also realised that you are our best ambassadors, and we want you to know that we appreciate your efforts in growing our membership: word of mouth is the most effective recruitment tool we know, and in the May Newsletter we shall include more Club Introductory Cards for you to hand out.

Happy Easter!