Ski Fit At The Chill Factore

By John Weatherell

As you're all probably aware, the SCoM were in negotiations with the Chill Factore to organise Ski Fit Sessions, as the Club's usual winter warm up came to an end. The Chill Factore started their Ski Fit Camp in a "Blaze of Publicity".... (without the Club!) early in February, 3 times a week, for a span of two weeks! Even I can’t get fit in that time! It would appear that it was overpriced and grossly undersubscribed for the first week.

With a few changes it has now settled down to every Wednesday evening at 7.15pm - 8.15pm with the Instructor Chris from Didsbury (who is apparently an excellent Triathlete).

The sessions are held in one of the empty shop units in the Chill Factore, with mats, weights and medicine ball provided. The exercises are a variation on what Geoff Tankred used to do and for an hour Chris keeps a mixed ability group going very well.

Our Chairman and I have attended the Wednesday sessions and found them very interesting and enjoyable although late in the season, but are just right for the Club's Alpe D'Huez trip.

For the first week my "Gluteus Maximus" were worked a lot and they were "Gluteus Achus" for the next three days after!! Maybe it's not the best "gym" in the world but the exercises are good and Chris knows what he's about. I'd recommend the "Camp" if not for this year, definitely for next season, as they will start a lot earlier in the season.