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Chill Factore Sessions

By John Weatherell

Although the Instructors Sessions have finished for the "season", the turnout of Members is still very impressive on a Thursday morning. With 20 plus members enjoying the excellent snow and wide open slope, and in a lot of cases meeting and making new friends.

With all the chatter and stories of holidays past, present and future, a lot of skiing surprisingly did take place. The Club holiday to St Christoph next January was near the top of the list, especially as St Anton had just had record snowfalls and cold temperatures (-15ºC to -25ºC) that week, 3.5m in the village and 5.5m (18ft.) on the slopes in a couple of days!! That did not deter anyone from practising their "short" and "carving turns" in anticipation

Everyone then retired to the Costa Coffee, for Coffee, Chocolate and Cake / Sandwiches and more Chatting and to admire the "new range of SCoM Clothing" on view, which is soon to be released at the London Fashion Week?

The Wednesday evening Sessions are still carrying on with smaller numbers with some excellent skiing and a little "showing off"! Although the Students and Boarders are out in force, a good nights skiing is had by all and we’ve managed to miss the Chill Factore’s Core Freestyle Weeks.

So if you're only skiing one week a year why not come and join us at the Chill Factore 2nd Thursday in the month at 10.00am & 4th Wednesday evening at 8.00pm.

Just let me know you'll be there and 'keep an eye' on the Newsletter to confirm dates.

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