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Chill Factore Sessions December 8th

By John Weatherell

It would appear that the structured Thursday Morning Coaching Sessions with 3 Instructors are a great big hit with the Members. With 34 Members in attendance all with smiling faces!! (Well there was more snow than in the Alps at that time) joining in the Carving, Short Turns and Parallel Development sessions.

There were even bigger smiles in Costa Coffee later when the Christmas Chocolate Truffles were passed around!!!.

The evening session was not quite as well attended but with a new Chill Factore Instructor Simon in charge it went extremely well, with even bigger smiles all round. Simon now takes care of the Chill Factore Race Club and short turns are one of his specialities so he had the Members working very hard indeed, perspiration was in evidence on one or two faces! The skiing also improved noticeably among the "class" of experienced skiers.

One encouraging comment to emerge from the Structured Sessions is that 1 hour is not enough!! This has come from the Members and The Instructors who have also enjoyed "the Structure", they would certainly encourage a 2 hrs. Session as they really appreciate coaching skiers who want to learn and are not there just to "survive" the slope.

January 12th is the next Morning Session, and last (for this winter) with 3 Instructors so just let me know you'll be there to carry on Carving etc. or even change "Class".

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