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Ski Club Christmas Meal at Aspire - Thursday December 1st

A review by Pat Ashworth

We went for a meal. It was nice to meet friends.
The students were learning about culinary trends;
Find the largest plate you can and put the smallest portion there.
Don’t expect any vegetables, there’s only one sprout to spare!
Most people enjoyed the desserts on offer,
But there’s an obvious theory I’d like to proffer:
John Hodgkinson, the diner, knows how to stay slim,
Whilst a plateful of vegetables would be more to my whim.

The meal was pleasant although the portions were a little on the small side (as Pat's comments) however the restaurant was spacious, the staff helpful and the company excellent! It was good to see old and new members enjoying themselves.

The new members who filled in the skills questionnaire were entered into a draw.

The winner was Deborah Massey, who won a ski lesson at the Chill Factore.

The runner up was Maria Robson who won a pair of Ski Socks.

Many thanks to Ian Harford and Jane Fairclough for organizing this event.

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