Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Ian Harford

Given the 18 items on the agenda, which our efficient Secretary had sent out, this month's fly was worried that we could be in for another marathon session for the November meeting! There was certainly important stuff to discuss, but improvements in our working methods helped us keep up a brisk pace. Written reports are now expected on any subject of any importance and several of these were agreed immediately on the basis of the recommended action.

The longest item turned out to be the first. How were we to take forward the ideas of the July Away Day, where a host of proposals had been made? The four areas most strongly supported were Communications, Holidays, Chill Factore activities and Member participation - on the grounds that these were most important for SCoM members.

Not everything can be done at once, but look out for more use of modern technologies for learning about activities (emails, facebook, twitter etc). More ski holidays will not at this stage be run, but we will look to meet additional demand for places by expanding the March holiday if needed and by supporting any separate initiatives members may propose. Chill Factore activities will we believe expand and this is reflected in the more organized approach being taken now to the monthly training sessions. A Keep Fit programme there is also being explored with the Chill Factore management (See separate report).

A request for regular information about the club for Snowsport England’s newsletter made us realise that we do not always keep members as well informed of developments as we should and we will remedy this in future.

With three new members on the Committee this year, we've been thinking about the need for clear written documentation about the tasks being done by different post holders and about the need to plan succession. We need new people joining the Committee and others to be taking on development tasks to expand our programme and attract new members. How best to achieve this will be explored more over the coming year.

One final item was an offer from a Bolton firm to supply us with samples of their new "Heat Holders" thermal socks with a 2.3 tog rating for testing on the slopes. We will be asking for 24 pairs to be split 50:50 for men and women. Make sure you ask me for a pair when you come to the next SCoM session at Chill Factore.