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Chill Factore Sessions

By John Weatherell

The Chill Factore with Instructors sessions got off to two very different starts in October! The Thursday Morning session started with our biggest turnout since they started 4 years ago. I had only arranged for two Instructors and with several late notifications of attendance I was unable to arrange an increase in the Instructors numbers.

Although chaos reigned in the early stages the instructors Mel and Geoff managed to get a Class each and the others just enjoyed skiing on the quiet slope.

The Wednesday evening session was a mixture of "old" and "new" faces meeting for the first time. What should have been a good instructor session on an uncrowded slope turned into a "find the Instructor"?

It turned out eventually that NO Instructor had been assigned that night. The Booking Office had booked in the wrong date!! Compensation has been claimed, so those attending ..............."watch this space".

Following the large attendance and associated problems on the Thursday Morning, I along with our Chairman and Secretary had a meeting with Kevin Edwards (C/F's Head of Snow Sports) which resulted in a "cunning plan".

Those Members who attended the Nov 10th session found 3 Instructors ready for them, each with formulated plan of action:-

  • Continuity of Instructors (through to Jan 2012).
  • Themed lessons, starting with Carving, Short Turns and Parallel Development, personalizing the instruction as much as possible.

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.