Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Barry Lewis

The recent committee meeting was the first since the AGM and welcomed new members Andrew Walker, Vanessa Miller and Christine Fildes, who has taken over as editor of the newsletter from Carol Sencicle. A warm welcome was extended to them and our thanks recorded for the contributions of Carol and Monica Borland.

With a new committee in place, it was time to finalise plans for the forthcoming year and, in particular with the approach of the ski season, to ensure our skiing activities are on track. The programme for the next 12 months accompanies this News letter. As yet there is no provision for Ski Fit. Our initial attempts to reinstate this at Chill Factore failed when the prospective instructor pulled out at the last minute. Further approaches are under way. Ringing the changes has seen the Christmas meal attract large numbers in recent years and we continue in that vein this year with a different day of the week and a novel, award winning venue offering great value. Details are elsewhere.

So far as skiing is concerned, the September coaching clinics are going from strength to strength. Two extra coaching sessions were added this year and people travelled from London, the Midlands and Wales (as well as Manchester!) to attend. With greater numbers, including people returning year on year, we are experiencing a wider range of abilities and an increased interest in more advanced techniques. This and changing patterns of use at Chill Factore are causing us to consider whether some changes in the format are desirable. Our regular meetings at Chill Factore have got off to a good start with almost forty members present at the first morning session with instruction. To overcome difficulties experienced with the availability of instructors at relatively short notice we have already booked extra instructors for the rest of 2011 and are talking to Chill Factore about other possible improvements.

The club's second beginners' course at Chill Factore will have finished when you read this and has generated considerable enthusiasm. Hopefully we shall see the participants and new members on the slopes with us shortly. Because a grant was obtained we were able to offer this course at very advantageous rates and it is hoped to repeat the exercise next year.

At any meeting the Treasurer's report and consideration of progress against budget always looms large. And this meeting was no exception. Individuals are exploring what opportunities there may be to obtain grants funding and we are reviewing the position of the Holiday Reserve. An adequate reserve is seen as essential to protect the club given the moneys passing, and the club has to cover the considerable administrative effort and costs involved. As reported to the AGM, the background to the Club's finances continues to be one of expanding activity, continuing, albeit small, deficits and the loss of significant income thanks to low interest rates. This requires continuing efforts to improve our financial position in addition to the increase in subscriptions agreed at the AGM, which in any event do not take effect until the year commencing 1st November 2012.