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Lunch and Afternoon Stroll In The Naden / Ashworth Valley Area

On Thursday, June 23rd, eight of us met at Pat and Harry's for a 'bring and share' lunch, washed down with plenty of tea.

After our convivial lunch we set out from Pat & Harry's and walked down past the site of an old reservoir (now filled in and built on) to the site of the old mill in the Ashworth Valley next to Naden Brook. Here we saw the new footbridge built to replace one washed away in freak storms in 2004. We followed the brook south through Gelder Wood emerging onto Ashworth Road close to the B6222 which runs from Rochdale to Bury.

Crossing the road a short way down we had a steady climb up the bank on it's west side, this being Simpson Clough. This was where we saw many warnings about steep drops.

From here we followed the edge of the steep wooded valley of Cheesden Brook tending generally North West. Over to our right we could see signs of the Scout camp. We dropped down through Cleggs Wood to the valley bottom and turning north crossed Cheesden Brook and made our way up out of the valley. This route brought us by various fields and lanes to once again cross Ashworth Road.

Having crossed to the north side of the road we then tended east through farmland and woods until reaching the Ashworth Valley again we turned south and found ourselves back at the site of the old mill from where we retraced our steps for tea and cake at the Ashworth's.

Although it was cloudy, and rain threatened in the early afternoon, the weather stayed dry, and we even saw the sun occasionally as we walked.

Thanks to Pat and Harry for a very pleasant afternoon stroll (which was actually quite energetic!), and to all who came, for their tasty savoury and sweet contributions, much enjoyed by us all.

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