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Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Ian Harford

Some think that skiing is a winter interest only; and for anyone going for just a week in the Alps, this may be true. But as last month's Committee meeting showed, skiing can be a year long interest and not just for Committee members.

Why? Well we were reviewing the summer programme and plans for 2011/12. Chill Factore ski slope meets have held up well, with more members recognising the value of year long skiing; and now there's the Giles Lewis ski training week coming up. "Almost fully booked up for September", reported John Weatherell.

Fitness is a key issue for skiers - forget it and your holiday is spent playing catch up all week! This is one reason why many members have continued to enjoy the SCoM walking programme over the summer; and do regular fitness programmes all year.

Our Secretary Alan Brown reported too on a recent meeting with the Manchester Cross-country ski club. Opportunities for cross over activities between our two clubs were discussed, including Saturday 8 am sessions at Chill Factore and roller ski courses for fitness and fun.

There's a lot going on in SCoM now and a record growth in numbers joining the club this year. An AwayDay for blue sky thinking was arranged to plan for the Club's future over the next five years. You'll hear more of these plans at the AGM on Friday 7th October, so make sure you come and contribute to our thinking!

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