Summer Party and BBQ Hosted By Alan and Caroline Brown Sunday 17 July

Reporter: Ian Harford

Midsummer BBQ gets the 4 star accolade!

They called it a BBQ in the newsletter, but this was really a half truth. This year's mid July party at Alan and Caroline Brown's house in Tytherington was more a mid summer feast than just bangers and bun with a bottle of beer.

All this with the excellent company of twenty other keen skiers or swimmers from the local club, who were as usual talking the talk - about world travelling, phone hacking, diets, vegetable growing and plans for the autumn and the coming ski season.

OK we had a little rain, but be fair this is Britain not California! And with a magnificent conservatory overlooking a flower bedecked garden, we could soak in the scene while enjoying the best of local foods and drink. The rain failed to dampen spirits, and even added interest, as Alan continued to cook, with the gazebo for cover whilst guests mainly mingled in the conservatory.

Alan's barbecuing expertise was, as usual, complemented by culinary delights prepared by Caroline and other members, who contributed a range of dishes. Yes it's true, no kidding! There were delicate summer wines, chicken ably cooked by Caroline, beefburgers grilled to perfection by chefs Alan and Hass and a marvellous selection of desserts to die for - summer pudding (my favourite), meringues, macaroons, gooseberry fool, a huge bowl of strawberries and home grown raspberries and a fine selection of cheeses for those who could still find a little room for more.

Thanks go to Caroline and Alan for organising such a great lunch time event. If you missed it, you are probably kicking yourself now. But don't worry! My advice is simple - mark up your 2012 diary for the early weekends of July and when you see it advertised in the newsletter, book quickly. It could be oversubscribed.