Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Barry Lewis

It was pleasing to note at the recent committee meeting that the summer programme now under way appears to be going successfully with good numbers of members attending and enjoying events. Thanks to all the organisers and congratulations in particular to those participating in the Chill Factore charity Skiathon on 17th May which raised over £28,000.00 nationally for Disability Snowsport UK. Our members' team did the most laps and both Elaine Donnelly and Wendy Barlow won special awards for their efforts.

However, the meeting naturally concentrated on future activities. And this is presenting a challenge. The club is going through a period of significant change. We work much more actively with other bodies which share common or adjacent interests, for example; Trafford Leisure, Chill Factore, Snowsport England, SCGB, The Development Centre, and the Community Foundation, and as a result are probably more outward facing than previously. We are looking at running grant- aid beginners' courses; we work closely with SCGB on joint promotions and have added our own specialist courses at Chill Factore in addition to utilising their instructors. A major effort has been seeking first "Traffordmark" and then "Snowmark" accreditation so that outside bodies will recognise us as well run and worth supporting. At the same time we are developing our more traditional programme, a key feature of which is our holidays. The committee is trying to put in place arrangements to ensure that those who wish to join after the first allocation of places have been taken (something that often happens very quickly) can still do so, albeit not necessarily always on the same terms, rather than just going on a waiting list and hoping.

The good news is that all this activity appears to be paying off in growing membership and attendance, and greater volunteering/organisational participation as well as greater external recognition as a worthwhile club. The bad news is that we have been running at a small loss recently, sustainable in the short term but not the long term, and we need even more members volunteering. How should we address these and similar issues? Are we doing the right things or setting the right priorities? How do we increase income? Or should we simply aim to limit our activities and expenditure? How can we grow the membership further and at the same time lower the age profile?

The committee is holding a special meeting on 24th July to discuss these and related matters. Hopefully you have a view or an idea on these issues or changes required to the club. If so please send it/them to Alan Brown - - for inclusion in the discussion or, if you would like to attend, please let him know.