Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Ian Harford

We knew it would be a lengthy meeting because of the two page agenda the Secretary had sent round in advance, but none of us had reckoned on the cold air of a midnight finish as we drove off through the Cheshire lanes.

Last month's SCoM Committee meeting was bustling with items for discussion, which reflect the volume of new activities and ideas for expansion the club is buzzing with now. First up was the idea of the club becoming a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), which was introduced by club member Liz Beattie who had been to a recent presentation on the subject. It's just one of the areas we are looking at for expanding the club and for raising more income.

Meetings we have held this year with Snowsport England and Trafford Leisure officers have helped us focus on key issues facing us and other voluntary sports clubs in a period of Government cutbacks when people are worried about jobs and feeling the pinch. SCoM has been running a deficit in recent years and we have critically to decide what our priorities need to be and then how to organise and finance them. Involving more SCoM members more actively in the club's programme is a priority and is working well with the New Members Support programme.

Close links with Chill Factore and a strong web presence have helped us to expand our membership to just under 300 this year and at the same time have made the club outward looking and engaged with activities to promote skiing more widely. We are not just a body to arrange a week's holiday abroad, but are helping people engage in the sport and other activities through the year.

One area discussed was closer linkage with a telemark festival in Manchester - to be held on 12th June - and the possibility of developing some reciprocal arrangements with the Manchester Cross-country (MCC) ski club. Exploring the idea of regular early morning Saturday ski sessions at Chill Factore, alternating weeks with MCC could be an interesting way of our recruiting younger members with families and busy jobs.

To do all these things costs money and an Away-day meeting is planned for the summer to clarify objectives and determine how our programme should best be financed. Watch out for more news on these questions in the Newsletter.