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Dave Garnet’s Thoughts On The Tignes Holiday

Apart from two days of sun the weather was overcast. This gave rise to a lot of mist and flat light. Seeing the snow surface in such conditions was difficult for most of the time and this made skiing (for me) very challenging. In that sort of light I find it difficult to plan my route ahead and prepare for changes in terrain.

The Tignes valley tends to act as a wind funnel and on the Sunday the wind was such that the Aeroski cable car wasn’t running. A lot of members seem to head for Tignes Les Brevieres that day to get down out of the wind.

The "Austerity Times Ski Service" was brought in to use on Wednesday evening to repair gashes in the bases and edges of willing members’ skis. Lessons to be learnt from this are P-Tec isn't meant to be dripped on your fingers and Bees wax and travelators don't mix.

The final day above the cloud line on Grande Motte was glorious.

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