Holiday At Tignes - March 2011

Reporter: John Weatherell

We all gathered at Manchester Airport at the usual unearthly hour to collect our tickets and go through the "extremely pleasurable experience" of airport procedures and all that it entails!

As airport and ski hols go this was probably the quickest meeting point to departure lounge journey for some time. Our flight was only a few minutes late taking off and was uneventful, even the landing in the quaint location of Chambery could not dampen our sprits!. Once through the open air Passport Control it was back to usual mayhem of too many people, lack of space to put them in, while they waited for their luggage on the petite turntables.

The coach journey went quickly then, the FUN began on arrival at the Hotels back door or Pedestrian entrance. We were faced with a large set of steps on various levels and no lift to the top. This caused a great deal of anxiety for the less agile of the party (but it proved that you can moan and carry luggage while going up steps!) but with helping hands we all arrived in various states of breathlessness in the small Reception area.

The Hotel was a typical French 1970's style with small and functional everything!. The hotel was managed by the Swedish company Langley's who's staff as ever were very helpful and pleasant.

The food was excellent with breakfast being excellent with a good variety of fruit, cold meats, cereals and porridge. The evening meals were again very good (with the Boiled Cod being the only bad one of the week).

The wine although not of the best quality was acceptable (as not many bottles were left on the table at the end of the meal).

On the first day of skiing we woke to low cloud and flat light with temps around zero to +2. The party broke up into several groups of varying sizes and with some joining Gavin Lewis at The Development Centre (TDC) for Coaching Sessions that lasted for a varying number of days over the week. While the SCGB rep was put to good use by the "fast and furious" group on and off Piste.

Monday it was blue skies and good snow all over, you know the days you dream about!. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were again low cloud and flat light but that did not stop us all getting about the Espace Killy. Friday was cloud low down the valley but blue skies above, as Tignes is so high there was plenty to ski without going low.

The X GAMES were being held in Val Claret, those with SKY TV may have seen them broadcast. A number of Club Members went to watch them and you may have seen them participating in certain Spectator Sports on the slopes during the events!

Overall, a very good holiday despite the weather and enjoyed by all.

Sven, the Hotel Manager thanked us ALL again for their Collection and said it would go towards their End of Season Party Meal.

My collection, THANK YOU, will go toward my Golf gloves for the season. Looking forward to next year already....