Christmas Meal At Loch Fyne Restaurant, Didsbury

Reporter: Vanessa Miller

On the 10th of December 31 ski club members gathered at Loch Fyne restaurant in Didsbury for a pre Christmas celebration. This was the first time that Dave and I had attended at this location and both of us felt that it was a good choice. It had a nice open feel to it and the staff were very attentive and happy for us to change the seating round so that we could inter mingle better. Naturally the main topic of conversation was skiing and a lot of people who are booked on the January holiday to Les Arc were getting quite exited. Looking back on the weather we have had so far this winter we were all lucky to get there in between our own snow blizzards.

The menu we opted for comprised of starter, main course, desert and coffee and a glass of wine or soft drink. Most people enjoyed their food. My sea bass was certainly very nice, although there were a few comments about the lack of crispness of the whitebait. I feel that this was balanced by the accommodating staff. Lyndsay even went off piste with her desert and got a fresh fruit salad that wasn't on the menu.

It was good to see everyone and some new members at the meal. Jenny and Tor-Egil, I hope we did not scare you off, and look forward to seeing you again on ski club activities. Many thanks to Jane Fairchild and Ian Harford for organising this event and helping it to run smoothly.