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SCoM AGM 2010, Chairman's Report

The Chairman Ian Harford introduced his remarks by saying the last year was the busiest he could remember with lots of new initiatives and a 15% growth in members. The Committee had been focussed and energetic and much had been achieved by the Club.

Mainstream activities had held up well. The two main ski holidays in Sauze d’Oulx and Verbier had been very popular and high demand had made it possible to run a third in March in Fernie in Canada. Four walks had been held covering Manchester Canals, the Lake District, the Peak District and Derbyshire. The social meetings with talks had been well supported, although the fierce snow conditions had required cancellation of the January meeting. There had been a full range too of the usual social ‘get-together’ meals and events.

An emphasis had been put on member liaison and support, with effective use made of the Yahoo group mailing and the regularly updated SCoM website. There had been 8 newsletters published and these had included a new feature the ‘Fly on the Wall’ to give members an insider’s view of Committee discussions. A Skills Questionnaire had also been distributed which originated in a key priority for the Committee - involving more members in the active running of the club.

There were in addition a whole range of new or extended activities. Two sessions - with an instructor for 4 months of the year—were being run monthly at Chill Factore and were very popular; and these had led to a SCoM team supporting the Disability skiathlon on the slope to raise money for disabled skiers. A September series of special ski clinics with Giles Lewis of The Development Centre at Val d’Isere had been very popular. A training session was also held for the first time for snow boarding members.

An important part of the Club’s programme also now involved working with partner organisations to achieve our objectives. A Beginners’ course for young British Asian women had been run in conjunction with the Workers Educational Association (WEA) and Rochdale’s Link4Life (L4L) body, with both these bodies contributing substantially to the costs.

Another tie up had been with Snowsport England with the help of the NW Officer Jan Doyle, who had set up Sports Unlimited, a ski programme at Chill Factore for young people in Trafford and Salford. This was providing SCoM with the opportunity of linking with parents and hopefully attracting some of them into SCoM with their children. In support of this the Club was planning to run some Beginners’ courses and had put in a grant application to finance the programme.

Other partner organisations had been Chill Factore, Trafford Local Authority and the Ski Club of Great Britain (SCGB)—the last one advertising the Club’s September ski clinics and Keep Fit programme. This had led to increasing numbers participating in these activities and additional recruitment of members to SCoM.

An important milestone in the Club’s history had been achieved with SCoM being awarded the Snowmark accreditation. This had involved the Secretary Alan Brown and Committee member Barry Lewis in much work. The award sends an important signal about SCoM not only to other organisations and funders but also to potential members, who can see that it is a well run body with clear objectives and a commitment to responsible and inclusive practise.

The chairman stressed that the new activities had required and will continue to require a lot of extra effort. There was a need to spread some of this work more widely. The Committee would be exploring how to manage this process most effectively and would welcome offers of help.

The Chairman ended by thanking both SCoM members who had organised activities over the year and all the Committee members. He drew attention to the work of Carol Sensicle and Steve Wardle with respective responsibilities for the Newsletter and Website, to the efforts of Dave Shepherd with the ski holidays and to John Weatherell’s superb management of the Chill Factore programme. He also thanked the Officers - Jane Fairclough (Vice Chair), Janet Winstanley (Treasurer) and Alan Brown (Secretary) for all the hard work and commitment they had shown. Without this the year’s exciting and innovative programme could never have been achieved.

IH 11/10/2010

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.