Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Barry Lewis

Current and prospective endeavours to expand the Club, its membership and activities continue to be a main feature of committee meetings. Our activities at Chill Factore and the relationships we are building with the management there and with local officials involved in developing sport are an essential aid to those endeavours. The successful programme to introduce a group of British Asian women to skiing has given a major boost to the Club’s credibility. Committee members have been able to meet with local sports development officers and through them approach the parents of groups of children taking ski courses at Chill Factore. The aim is draw both parents and children into both skiing and the Club. If successful, this will involve beginners’ courses, possibly this autumn, and, hopefully, with the aid of a grant to assist the individual with the costs involved. If you know any adult who might wish to join the Club and take a beginners course please contact or ask them to contact the Club. (Do not count on the subsidy!)

Another approach to expansion has been the more obvious one of targeting existing skiers. To date the primary means has been through our relationship with the Ski Club of Great Britain, which is now specifically promoting to all its members both our Ski Keep Fit Programme and the September Coaching Clinics as well as the availability of SCoM membership and benefits to SCGB members on special terms. The Club and its Coaching Clinics are also being advertised to all of The Development Centre’s clients. The ongoing discussions with SCGB also include the possibility of an additional rep being made available in some resorts when the Club’s main holiday takes place.

So, a lot of activity, which means a lot of effort. One thing that is clear to date is the need for help, not so much on a long-term basis, but from people willing to give real time to a project or a part of it. In the time honoured cliché, “YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!” Will YOU do anything about it? If so, contact a committee member. And, far from least, thanks to those who have helped so far.

P.S. The signs of success are there. 45 new members in recent months. But can we keep up the momentum?