Summer Party and BBQ Hosted By Alan and Caroline Brown - Sunday 18 July 2010

By Brian Richards

A big ‘Thank you’ to Caroline and Alan Brown for hosting the summer barbecue, on an afternoon, which, despite the damp forecast, was blessed by long dry - even sunny - spells, spent lounging in the garden over conversation and reminiscences amongst ski friends, with splashes of conversation added by swimmers and other friends.

Alan’s excellent culinary expertise at the BBQ was supported tastefully by Caroline’s (and contributors’) superb kitchen fare, such as salads and desserts - all delicious! Their garden was immaculately and colourfully displayed despite the summer drought, and was inspirational to the writer and probably other garden lovers, as well as a popular topic of conversation.

The forecast of damp weather perhaps deterred some would be visitors, but those who went really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you very much, again, Caroline and Alan.