Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Barry Lewis

Finance is always a key consideration at any committee meeting and recent meetings have seen the committee look afresh at how it can best monitor current and likely future expenditure, thus ensuring that as the Club endeavours to expand its range of activities and its membership its finances remain in good order. To this end Janet Winstanley, as treasurer, has done sterling work in producing various draft analyses for consideration and hopefully this process is now nearing a conclusion.

One new activity referred to in the last ‘Fly’ was the Asian Women's Ski Project, whereby a group of British Asian ladies have taken to Chill Factore’s slopes to learn to ski with the aid of mentors from SCoM. Quite apart from the benefit to the ladies in question, who have shown great enthusiasm and progress, our active support has helped to establish the Club further with various officials involved in developing sport in the area.

A further project under way, as part of a Sports Unlimited agenda for young people in Greater Manchester, involves a ski programme at Chill Factore running over May and June. Efforts are under way to ascertain how the Club can link in with this programme and use it as one means of attracting both parents and juniors into the Club. Of course, if successful, we will have to provide activities attractive to this group. Watch this space!

Now the ski season is definitely over we wish you a good (‘barbeque’!) summer and hope to see you at one or, preferably, more of the Club’s summer events.