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Fly On The Wall - Update On What The Committee Is Up To

Reporter: Jane Fairclough

Most of your committee has now finished skiing for the season and it was time to think about the year ahead. The Questionnaire and Juniors were the main talking points.

You won’t see much evidence of progress with a junior section for some time as we need to firm up what can be offered through our partners at Chill Factore (CF) and in Snowsport England but we hope to progress this quickly enough that we can approach our first schools before the summer holidays. It was very heartening that so many who completed the Questionnaire were so supportive of the concept of a junior section and we now know of a number of members keen to help with the development.

The Questionnaire has also helped us find female mentors. What for you might wonder? Well, this month will see a group of British Asian women take to CF’s slopes to learn to ski. The Club (actually our chairman, Ian) can take the credit for making this happen. The event starts with a course of instruction from CF staff and finishes with free-skiing sessions, hence the need for mentors.

The Newsletter has details of our Programme’s imminent events and we are busy arranging all the summer’s activities now. We’re trying trendier things like sky-diving and the old favourite, mountain-biking, and it will be interesting to see how popular these turn out to be. Again, the majority of the Questionnaire’s replies offered to help with these events which will help take some of the load off the committee.

Your opinions as club members are important to us, so even if you have no intention of becoming more involved yourself, it’s not too late to fill in the pesky Questionnaire! Take a look here.

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.