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The First Snowboard Coaching Session @ The Chill Factore

Reporter: John Weatherell

The New Year brought in some excellent snow inside and out, and as promised the Club organised the first Coaching session for Snowboarders at the Chill Factore on Monday 11th January.

The request had come from existing Members who Skied and Boarded. As their skiing had improved due to the Ski Coaching sessions and Giles Lewis Courses they had enquired as to improving their "Boarding" skills.

As the e-mail and phone call "survey" found that there was sufficient interest to warrant a trial session, it was arranged. From the initial enquiries and organisation the "word" had spread and the Club has increased its Membership.

All the participants were proficient boarders and enjoyed the back to basics and build up coaching of Chris the Instructor who, as with the Ski Instructors, said "It is nice to Coach people who want to learn" everyone enjoyed the session and looked forward to the next one.