Nov 16th Bumps Courses @ The Chill Factore

Reporter: John Weatherell

The Bumps Courses finally went ahead and were certainly worth waiting for! There were 3 courses at 1, 3 and 5 o'clock, which were over subscribed, as 27 Members took part in the exhaustive sessions.

Due to our instructor Mitch being held up in traffic Noel stood in for the first 60 minutes and set the exercises prior to skiing on the bumps. As Mitch took over for the rest of the afternoon the "fitness and ability" of all was tested as they all worked hard to attack the Moguls.

Everyone enjoyed their sessions and came off the slope perspiring and exhausted, from later reports they ALL slept extremely well that night.

Requests were made to hold further Bumps Courses and I'm investigating the possibility with the Chill Factore.

As they say watch this space and anyone interested let me know...