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Fly On The Wall At The Last Committee Meeting

Reporter: Alan Brown

We've been a very busy bunch since the last Fly.

We had a very useful meeting when we did no usual committee business but concentrated on the Development Plan presented at the Members' Forum held after the AGM. Very liberating! We quickly realised we don't advertise enough, so expect to have some refreshingly new copies of the Club Introduction Card for handing to interested non-members soon!

We discussed how we might move the Club forward, and particularly expand the number and range of the membership also made us think back to the origins of our Club. Why not go back to our roots when young families were one of the driving forces in the Club?

If we could repeat that, it would:

  • Introduce new generations of skiers (parents and children)
  • Bring in new blood, possibly even with loads of enthusiasm
  • Allow us to ‘tick a box' about Juniors when we go for Snowmark accreditation
  • Cement relations with Chill Factore as we'd give them more business.

The point was strongly made that none of this should interfere with our providing the core services our existing members enjoy (holidays, Chill Factore skiing, Ski Fit, Socials and Summer Events etc.).

As a first step, we met up with Snowsport England's new Development Officer, a very pleasant local lady called Jan Doyle. The most important thing we discussed with her was her interest in encouraging local schools to start skiing, and involving local clubs to nurture their interest. She, perhaps inevitably, took the view that there was a role for SCoM here and that a number of the students and their parents would end up joining the Club.

Do you think this is a good way forward?

What is clear is that as we expand our existing areas of interest, and seek new means of developing the Club with a growing number of activities, the committee itself is over-stretched. What we need is more members involved in more stuff. To help gauge support, we've added a Questionnaire to this edition of the Newsletter.

Please see the on-line form here.