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Update - Giles Lewis' Course @ The Chill Factore

By John Weatherell

The five Courses run in September with Giles Lewis at the helm were a great success, with everyone having an excellent time learning and improving their skiing tremendously.

On very quite slopes everyone was put at ease as he went through routines to get everyone to improve their performance on the snow. Having seen all the classes, I can certainly say that improvements were made by all, regardless of their personal skiing standard.

Although a 3 hour session may seem a long time, many participants "forgot to" take a break at the half way point and only realised with less than 30 minutes to go, they were enjoying and concentrating so much !!!

The overall feedback was very positive indeed with comments like "can we do this next year" and "the Club should do more of this".

The highlight for many was the "before and after video" which Giles gave an in depth analysis of each class member after the session in the Training Room. The Videos are on YouTube for all to see, you can tell by the "hits" who's been watching themselves and telling their friends all about it.

Giles has also written a blog.

A very big thank you to Giles from all the "Video Stars" looking forward to good season.