Giles Lewis' Course @ The Chill Factore

By John Weatherell

The skies were blue, the sun shining for first time in days with a temperature around 20 degs, the Seagulls circled on the thermals AND WE WHERE INSIDE SKIING ON VIRGIN PISTE... Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

As Giles had said in the locker room go and warm up, he became like a sheep dog rounding up the flock on the hillside as the group enjoyed the early uncrowded slope.

Normality was restored as the group progressed though exercises and demonstrations to enhance their skills.

As this was the first time any of the group had had any professional encounter with Giles, it soon became evident that he knew what he was talking about and put everyone at ease both individually and as a group.

"Time flies when you're having fun" and so it proved when the "race" was on to get to the lift for more "last runs".

Toward the end of the session the temperature began to get to one or two fingers and heads but this did not detract from a very good and instructive 3hrs.

With a change of clothes and a large Coffee the group retired to the Training Room for the Debrief and Video. This "extra" session was enjoyed by all as Giles gave running critique to each of the group as their video appeared on the big screen.

The Videos will be uploaded to for all to see!!!

As this was the first of the five Courses I think the others have got something good to look forward too and in anticipation of that a BIG THANK YOU to Giles.