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Fly On The Wall At The Last Committee Meeting

By Ian Harford

As the SCoM members converged for the last Committee meeting, there was one topic we'd all heard enough about to last a lifetime - speakers and members' expenses. Expenses incurred that is by honourable members in pursuit of their Parliamentary duties. We hadn't anticipated a long discussion about SCoM's expenses!

The Treasurer's comments were short and to the point - income from Keep fit classes and members' subs was up (offsetting some cost rises) but expenditure had increased on monthly training activities at Chill Factore for new and existing members. Action not words was needed to reverse a trend.

We've been subsidising deficits over the last few years from Building Society income, but the credit crunch has brought a halt to all that. Yes we've got some reserves, but we now get virtually no income from this source; and raiding the capital is not sustainable long term.

Not good news and you've probably guessed the outcome of the debate - recommendations for the AGM that we increase subs by 50% - but not till 2010 - and that the membership year should run from 1st September to reduce admin costs for members' insurance cover. All pretty reasonable stuff since there's been no increase for over seven years and the last 12 months has seen a much expanded and vibrant SCoM programme through our Chill Factore involvement. SCoM Membership now soon pays off with discounts. Just tell your friends.

We've also ideas for applying for development grants to Sport England and elsewhere as part of the club's Development Plan; and for emailing an electronic newsletter to save time, reduce costs, help the environment and balance the books. What a cracker! All in all a good debate and we'd welcome ideas from members on this topic. Why not drop the editor a note for the next Newsletter?

And now for that second topic: speakers! Good ones - for our in-house talks programme that is - are always needed but not easy to come by. We're drawing up a list of topic areas and looking for ideas and suggestions from members of what you'd like. Is there a club member out there with slides and a good story?

Numbers have been down at the Thursday evenings, so we're reverting to Fridays and moving to the George Carnell Centre at Urmston. It's not only a stone's throw from the M60, but just metres from the Torture Chamber, a select few of us know as the Keep Fit Hall! Why not come and get to know them both this autumn?

Oh yes and just one more thing. Hot off the press we can report that we'll be at the Chill Factore for the AGM on Friday 9th October. This should be a great evening combining an early evening ski session with the AGM, talk and drinks afterwards. Mark it in the diary.