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Booking A Ski Holiday For Yourself

By Wendy Barlow

If you would have liked to have booked on to a SCoM holiday but found that the holiday was over subscribed then why not try to book in the same resort and ski with the SCoM. Wendy Barlow has done this a couple of times and has written the following article to help other members do what she has done:

I am a Novice but enthusiastic Skier and when possible like to Ski at least 2/3 times a year. When going with friends and family we have always arranged our own Hotels and Flights as we have found that this gives us a wider choice and more flexibility.

As a women travelling and skiing alone would be a little intimidating and probably not much fun. So having joined SCOM last year and finding out what a really friendly and welcoming bunch of people they are I decided I would like to join them for the Sauze d'Oulx trip. Unfortunately all the Club's arrangements had already been made but rather than miss out I consulted my dear friend Google, found a Hotel close to the one being used by the Club and a suitable cheap flight with First Choice. This meant that I could ski with my friends in the Club and eat with them in the night. It was a great Holiday and I vowed to do it again.

I am self-employed so booking the Ski Club Holidays so far in advance is a problem. Because of this I once again missed the deadline for booking the Club trip this year to Val d'lsere. Again late in the day I consulted Google and found a suitable Hotel close to the lifts and flights with Thompson's. It was great to meet up with everyone there and once again I enjoyed some great skiing and socialising. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Group for looking out for me especially the eight regulars I skied with. You know who you are, you were very patient, gave me some great tips and did not leave me behind. A big thank you to you all for making it such an enjoyable trip.

I do not speak any Foreign Languages but booking you own hotels and flights is easy particularly with the help of the internet and email. I would urge anyone who wants to join the Ski Club Holiday but has missed the Booking deadline to give it a go. You are sure of a great Holiday and some really good company.