Pre-Season Meal At Carluccio's Italian Restaurant Friday September 26th

Reporter Alan Brown

I think a total of 11 hardy members braved the windswept Trafford Centre car parks to enjoy a hearty meal. I say "I think" because Caroline and I arrived so early we'd drunk our wine allocation before anyone else turned up and the rest of the evening was a little hazy. I do know that the wine was very tasty!

The hard bit was deciding what to choose from the very attractive menu. We had lovely olives and mixed breads to start - being an Italian place. Continuing to be sensible, I had a mushroom risotto as Carluccio is famous for his mushrooms. Can't remember the rest, but we all exited walking so the club's honour was not sullied.

The company was varied and lively including a fair mix of regulars and new members. We shared old stories and discussed future plans. It was all very pleasant to be in the company of fellow skiers who weren't in the least bored by skiers talking skiing all night!

Thanks to John Weatherell for selecting the restaurant, to Jane Fairclough for taking names and to Caroline Brown for confirming the booking.

Where were you all?

By Ernie Metcalfe

Eleven of us eventually met up at Carluccios in the Trafford Centre for the opening of the season dinner on Friday 26th September. I say eventually for, despite the promises of easy parking, it took Marian and I a good quarter of an hour to find a place, and then it was a long way from the restaurant. Several other people had similar difficulties. Don't expect easy parking early Friday evening at the Trafford Centre.

That said, Alan and Caroline Brown had arrived early and gave us all a very warm welcome. This was a good start to what turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant evening. The food was good and the portions very generous to say the least. In fact if I go back to that restaurant I think a main course will be quite sufficient on its own. The house red was really quite drinkable and helped the evening along. The company was excellent, as it usually is with the Ski Club, so why weren't more people there? The restaurant was accommodating with individual bills so preventing any hassle about who had what, something that personally I can't stand. We had a very enjoyable evening and thank you to those who did attend for your company. Those of you who stayed away missed a good do!