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Thanks To Alan and Caroline For A Super BBQ

By Vanessa Miller

Once again Alan and Caro Brown hosted the SCOM summer BBQ. The fire was lit about 6pm and the weather was fine. About 17 members of the ski club arrived to join Alan and Caroline's other friends from the swimming club to enjoy some great food and hospitality.

As usual the Brown's garden was looking superb but we were slightly too early to try the raspberries growing in the vegetable plot. Or that's what Alan said anyway. I think they were saving them all for themselves.

The food was very enjoyable as always, with contributions from ski club members well received. Jane Fairclough produced some wonderful meringue which went very quickly.

Whilst having a sneaky look at some cards in the Brown's kitchen I discovered that Alan has recently obtained his pilots licence, so well done to him. Skiing and flying! Is there no end to his talents?

Thanks again to the Browns for hosting the summer party.