A Personal Observation On Holiday Bookings

By Derek Draper

For many years the committee members and particularly the holiday organisers have done a great job in arranging a variety of ski trips at very keen cost. For this we are appropriately grateful. The present price limit does, however, create restrictions on the choice of resort and hotel. I appreciate that the price of the holiday is important and some members may not be able to afford to pay over the limit of the total cost so far used by the club in choosing resorts/hotels.

We have been fortunate several times in recent years in enjoying real value for money, La Tania (La Montagne) and Les Arcs (Golf) come to mind but La Foret this year did have it's limitations.

The cost of skiing is constantly rising, not least the ski pass price, security and tax charges have also been imposed. It must be getting increasingly difficult for the committee to find anything within the limits presently applied to cost.

Might it not be possible to try a somewhat more expensive package for the March holiday in future years to see what the response is. This would cater for the burgeoning number of members that can and do afford to pay more for holidays, unfortunately other than with the club.

Accommodating fifty people presents a serious limitation on choice of hotel. It has been suggested that we could use two hotels to give a wider choice of resort/hotel and; why not? - price. We could suggest to late bookers a particular hotel in resort to accommodate the overflow and/or the more affluent. This might alleviate the problem of prospective new members, unable to book the next year's holiday which has, on occasion, been booked up before publication in the newsletter.

If you have any comments on the above, please pass them on to any member of the committee.