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Helping Tom

By Ernie Metcalfe

I told him not to practise his acrobatics on the slopes, but he still did a beautiful head over heals and finished in the medical centre with a damaged shoulder. It put an end to the rest of the week's skiing, to say nothing of the expensive ski lesson. Thankfully after 48 hours it appeared to be less serious than originally thought. He returned to the room with a contraption round him rather like a chastity belt gone wrong. More or less the right shape, but entirely in the wrong place! Now came the fun. Washing was manageable, dressing needed help and cleaning teeth with the left hand difficult, to say nothing of taking off trousers, putting on socks or tying shoelaces. All possible to do with one hand. There were one or two other interesting third party offers which Tom gallantly turned down. The best part, however, was at the airport. Tom was allowed one helper. By going direct to the "assistance" desk we were checked in almost immediately. It meant, of course, we had to wait much longer in the departure lounge rather than in a check-in queue. The downside was that my skis being first on were last off. In the end I am not sure who helped who most, but we were home safe after some very good skiing.