Ski Courses Dec 13th & Social Ski Night at The Chill Factore

By John Weatherell

After all the cancellations on Nov 22nd and the booking problems encountered we finally made it and were looking forward to skiing at the Chill Factore on what was a very busy night.

It was HORRENDOUS and CHAOTIC on several counts, the traffic in and around the Trafford Centre was nose to tail, the queue at the ticket counter were long and deep, the boot and ski counter was even worse with each point 10 people plus deep.

When we eventually got on the slope some of the tickets failed to allow the holders through to the lifts and then one lift broke, then BOTH ticket machines failed resulting in VERY LITTLE SKIING and long waits, with two new members having one run and a longer queue to exchange faulty equipment after a fall caused by the equipment when trying to mount the lift and hurting her shoulder in the process. With all the messing about and being informed that there was no equipment exchange they then saw the big queue to the lifts and went home discussed.

After what was a farce the Chill Factore opened the lift gates for free passage and eventually it became normal skiing. The Instructors Mark and Gareth managed to start coaching and the two classes started to enjoy themselves. The change was noticeable in everybody and new member Amelia Woodhouse especially benefiting from the coaching received.

With the lift and ticketing problems earlier the Chill Factore let everybody ski longer to try and compensate for the misery caused.

In the Aprè ski area (the bar) afterward the main consensus was that after an AWFUL start to the night the out come was successful and that overall the Chill Factore should be as good for the Club and Members.