Why Is It???

By John Weatherell

Why is it when you have looked forward all year to your SKI holiday and you are tired, aching and cannot wait to get out of your £250 boots, and leave your £400 skis (or your £100 per week rental equipment) at the end of the day.

I bet you sit on the end of the bed in your room or collapse in the bar and stop longer than you intended BECAUSE it was hard work standing up and it is always easier to stay there comfortably sitting down.


YOU should come along to SKI FIT every Tuesday night and reap the very great benefits you will achieve. It's nice and easy to exercise in a friendly atmosphere to your own standard with exercises designed to benefit your ski muscles, then you will enjoy your holiday even more.

So come along to The George Carnall Centre, Kingsway, Urmston and join those members who have found the secret of you get out, what you put in.

I'll see some more of you there I hope and you can say "I really enjoyed that holiday".