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Ski Club of Manchester Treasure Hunt Report

By Jonquil Lewis

On 30th September, on a beautiful, sunny, Autumn afternoon a select few went off to Lymm, in the leafy heartlands of Cheshire. There we had a very enjoyable walk of 3 miles or so around the area of Lymm Dam.

Brenda and John Preston did a wonderful job of making the walk entertaining and challenging to the old grey matter by setting clues in the usual manner. Ian and Christine won the valuable prize (again!). Some sneaky gamesmanship was employed to try to persuade a couple to stay on a bench, hiding a clue until we had all gone by. Said couple fessed up to Ann and I but had gone by the time Bill Matthews arrived so this contributed to his earning the wooden spoon.

We repaired to the pub in Lymm village and enjoyed a well-earned drink and a meal. We had all had a lovely afternoon. What a pity most of you reading this didn't manage to join us!

Thanks to Brenda and John for their hard work.