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End of Season Party - 12th May

By Norma Green

A change of venue this year when Vanessa and Dave Miller kindly offered their home for the end-of-season party after Pat and Harry 'retired' from hosting. Their unique and lovely home in Ramsbottom is on 4 floors so plenty room to spread out a chat - and ooh and aah at the impressive scenery from the upper floors. Who let the cat out?

The kitchen diner on the first floor provided plenty space for the fantastic presentation of food, many dishes being brought along by guests, but the hard work done by Vanessa who spent all night in the kitchen. Dave did a grand job too! How many people tripped up?

The party is always a very enjoyable and happy occasion - chatting with friends about their skiing during the season and what plans they have for the following year. Great for the guests but hard work for the hosts, so we thank Dave and Vanessa very much and hope that they are not put off and will offer to host the party for us again.

This write-up should have appeared last time, but there were gremlins in the works - you will note that there was a blank page in the last Newsletter. Sincere apologies to Vanessa and Dave for the hiccup.