Lake District Club Walk

By Derek Draper

With his usual thoroughness our Chairman - Ian Harford - had reconnoitred and charted our intended route and posted a description and map on our website. This must have appeared too daunting for some as only thirteen turned up on the day. All were punctual and, after a brief photo opportunity we set off in beautiful sunshine on the interminable ascent of Grasmoor - with regular pauses - ostensibly to admire the views - which were stunning - and also to take photos - some of which were less than stunning; in the author's case anyway.

Ominous mist started to drift in from the west as we climbed, it got noticeably colder and the visibility deteriorated gradually until; following our descent of Grasmoor to the saddle at the top of Gasgale Gill, our leader instructed the "summit" party - which was to tackle Whiteside - to stay within sight of each other - difficult in the case of our frontrunner and Club Treasurer as he was barely within sight all day.

The other party opted to descend down Gasgale Gill which apparently proved quite difficult at times. Whiteside ridge was a revelation. The grandeur was enhanced by the mist so we were not too disappointed by the poor visibility.

The route down proved quite challenging due to the erosion of the footpath (A very loose description!) and had to be negotiated with great care. Inevitably the weather improved to such an extent we finished in warm sunshine.

Our arrival at the bottom coincided with that of the Gasgale Gill party for a reunion picnic stop before walking the final stretch to the cars.

All in all a memorable day for which we owe thanks to Ian for arranging what is rapidly becoming a traditional club activity.

The entire party reassembled during the evening at The Coledale Inn in Braithwaite for a meal and a drop of the local brew.

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