How To Edge Carving Skis!

By Anne Stevenson

A lovely crisp moonlit evening, sprinklers on and freezing underfoot, or should I say underski, what more could you ask for?

Well, try... only two in the class, a young Hungarian PE teacher as your instructor and a nearly empty slope because it was the start of Rossendale's half-term and Trudy and Anne were on a winner!

Chabba started by asking what was our aim for the class and looked rather taken aback when Anne immediately piped up (as she does) "I'd like to be able to stop where-ever or whenever I am". She was thinking of those patches of ice occasionally encountered at Alpe D'Huez. Trudy wanted to edge carving skis.

Really we are asking the same thing: how to get carving skis on their edge. An hour later, we knew how; this does not mean we actually achieved it every time.

Chabba was excellent (wish he were staying). We started on the moguls, but had to stop dead on each downslope, no sliding allowed, not even across the fall line. Then went on to feeling the edge on wide turns. The secret is swivelling the hips uphill while pushing the downhill knee inwards and leaning so far downhill that you can touch the your ankle with your hand. Going down the moguls your shoulders should stay at the same level as the average slope, your feet go up and down.

If you can understand this in the comfort of your home, you already know how to do it!!

It was great fun, the hour passed all to quickly and we felt at last we'd got some instruction at the right level for us. Can't wait to try it on snow.