Treasure Hunt 9th October 2005

By Ian and Christine Cartwright

The Treasure Hunt started at the Miner's Arms, Poynton on a sunny, autumnal afternoon. We followed the canal towpath from Lyme View Marina, then into Lyme Park. There was a climb up to a spectacular ridge path before turning back to the Miners Arms. The exertion was taxing enough to convince Ian that he needed to go to the exercise classes before the club holiday in January, and I managed it, with quite a few stops to admire the scenery!

The clues were taxing enough to get the little grey cells working but not too cryptic, although Bill Oddie would have been a useful companion. There were the usual attempts to try to influence the judges' decision at the end but they were ignored.

We were "warned" that the winners would be expected to organise next year's event. Despite that, we won, just, and are most grateful to David and Vanessa for kindly offering to set the clues next year.

Many thanks to Jonquil and Barry for their hard work. The route was well chosen and the whole experience was much appreciated by everyone.

There are photographs taken along the route, which are available to accompany the above review. They will be e-mailable on request to ian @ caramelphoto . com