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Ski Club of Manchester newsletter articles 2004

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December 2004 / January 2005
Norma Green reports on Andy Coatsworth's talk on ski touring and Geoff Selley's talk on Shackleton's 1914 Antarctic Expedition. The summer walk was enjoyed by Helen Richardson.

November 2004
John Lymer writes on skiing at Rossendale. Brian Richards covers the mountain biking and provides the AGM Treasurer's report with the Chairman's report from Barry Lewis.

October 2004
Alan Brown reports on this year's treasure hunt and Norma Green on the summer barbecue.

August / September 2004
Nigel Koenen writes on the annual Lakes walk while Ernie and Marjie Di Rollo recount their 5 week ski trip.

June / July 2004
The Whistler holiday, words and pictures by Derek Draper. France, Austria and Italy were visited by Dot Relph and Tony Keats while John Lymer finds Andorra was worth revisiting.

April / May 2004
John Weatherell writes on the Club holiday to Val d'Isère. Sheila Levell covers Nadine Waring's Belfry talk on Pilates. John Lymer reports on skiing at Rossendale and Trudy on their trip to Davos.

February / March 2004
Norma Green has done all the work for this issue, not only editing the copy but also providing all the reports which cover the Christmas meal, Christmas market and Ian Cartwright's Belfry talk.

December 2003 / January 2004
John Weatherell reports on indoor skiing at Xscape in Castleford while Dave Shepherd covers club skiing at Rossendale.
Norma Green has been busy with reports on Bob Jordan's talk about Sir Edmund Hillary's Schoolhouses in the Clouds and the SCGB Northern Centenary Ball.
Finally, Jonquil Lewis realises what she's been missing at ski fit.