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Treasurer's Report 2003 - 2004

The surplus was reduced compared to 2003/4. Without the income from shops and companies wishing to insert flyers with the Newsletters, this would have been virtually zero. The prime cause was the stationary costs with the need to print new membership cards and letter headings (an irregular expenditure).

The Club's reserve funds have been transferred into a Club Account held with the Cheshire Building Society and are now earning an improved rate of interest.

The Club equipment, I.e. ski tows, radios, etc. have been assessed year on year at a depreciation rate of 25%. Hence for the last financial year the "accounting" value of the equipment was approximately £25! The tows are now in storage and it would appear unlikely that they will be utilised in the near future. I have removed any value from the balance sheet.

Three attempts were made during the year to fraudulently access the Club accounts. Publication of the Club Account details on our Website and on general advertising material is under review.

Brian Richards, Treasurer, 1st October 2004