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SCoM (Tuesday Night) Keep Fit Sessions

By Jonquil Lewis

Guilt, and the knowledge that I am far from fit enough to cope with a whole season on the white stuff, saw me drag myself off to George Carnall. I'm ashamed to say it's about 4 years since I last went - for no very good reason. What a silly woman I have been! I really enjoyed it and will go every Tuesday when I am this side of the Channel.

This session was taken by Steve Wardle and 18 people attended. I was probably the least fit of the 5 women and the men were of varying ages, shapes and sizes. We all did as much or as little as we felt comfortable with (ish).

We started with some gentle jogging to get warmed up followed by some preliminary stretches. Then all the blokes got out the gym mats and we started a circuit. The 18 exercise stations, including 2 straightforward joggings, ranged from the very gentle (eg heel lifts), through the moderately strenuous ( eg skipping), to the downright tough (for me anyway - eg squat thrust with star jumps). We spent 30 seconds at each station.

In between stations each member took a turn to choose a suitable exercise for another 30 seconds. I chose leg raises because of my pcl damage last season and hamstring curls. When we had completed 2 full circuits there was a thorough stretching/cool down then off for the showers. The session took 90 minutes, and finished just before 9 pm.

About half the group then adjourned to the bar. After the TV was turned off we then spent a pleasant hour or so putting the (skiing) world to rights. All in all I'm jolly glad I went. I felt much better for making the effort - £3 well spent (plus my cider). It was a friendly but purposeful evening and I expect to see lots more of you next time now that you know what you are letting yourselves in for!