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Helpers Needed - Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society

By Norma Green

The following is extracted from information received from the above Society. The SCoM Committee have agreed for this to be included in our Newsletter as there may be members willing and able to give some of their time to help:

Leisure Link runs a Youth Outdoor Group for young people aged between 12 and 18 years. The Group supports young adults with physical and/or learning disabilities to participate in a challenging variety of leisure activities.


We are looking for interested volunteers to join our fortnightly Skiing Group for adults with disabilities. We offer support from trained staff and specialist equipment to enable people of all abilities to enjoy this exciting activity. However, we rely heavily on the support of volunteers whose involvement is invaluable to this project's success.

As a volunteer, you would support group members to ski offering practical and motivational assistance, e.g. supporting skiers to use equipment, maintain balance and build on their confidence and skills. No prior experience is necessary as training and on-going support is offered to all volunteers.

The Group meets at Ski Rossendale every other Saturday at 2.30pm to 4.00pm.


We are currently doing snowboarding at Ski Rossendale and are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would like to join our Group. The Group meets every Thursday evening at Ski Rossendale at 6.45pm to 8.15pm.

Volunteers are an essential part of this group and offer both motivational and practical support to group members to try out new activities, use equipment and develop their confidence and skills.

As a volunteer you do not need any experience of snowboarding as there are trained instructors on hand to help. You should be friendly, outgoing and happy to work as part of a group. This is an ideal opportunity to share in the enjoyment of leisure pursuits with a friendly group and a great way to develop your own skills, confidence and experience.

If you would like more information or to come to a taster session, please contact Jill Wilkes on 0161 975 6107 or by e-mail on


Leisure Link is part of STOCKPORT CEREBRAL PALSY SOCIETY which is a registered charity which provides a range of high quality support and services to individuals with cerebral palsy and allied conditions according to individual choice and requirements. Stockport CP Society aims to achieve civil rights and maximum independence and challenge discrimination faced by people with disabilities.

LEISURE LINK encompasses a number of leisure and activity based projects which offer people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in a challenging variety of leisure experiences.

The groups are user led in that group members have a strong input into where the groups go and what they do. There are several Walking Groups (Low Level and Hill Walking), a Ski-ing Group, an Adult Social Group (mornings), involving arts, crafts, music and games, an Adult Evening Social Group, involving trips to the cinema, meals out, swimming, pubs, etc., a Youth Outdoor Group (evenings), where activities include, canoeing, indoor climbing, snowboarding and scuba diving amongst others, and finally, a Moving On Group for adults with physical disabilities who decide their own timetable of activities, (past choices have included theatre trips, shows, adventure weekends away, ski-ing and day trips).

VOLUNTEERS are an essential part of Leisure Link and it is thanks to their support and commitment that we are able to offer a range of high quality user led activities for people with disabilities.