Treasurer's Report 2002-2003

After the fall in membership resulting from the increase in subscriptions, total membership has increased to 218 adults and 7 juniors. Our junior members comprise four who reach 18 years of age in the next few months and one aged 2 years.

There is a small error in the income of amounts quoted for members falling into the SCM and SCGB family categories, income was allocated under the incorrect heading. The total membership income is correct and figures for the number of members in each category are accurate.

The Inland Revenue have written to inform me that the Club is not liable for Income Tax on gross interest received from our savings accounts, but the situation may be reviewed 5 years hence.

The Committee have agreed that monies in our Business Premium and Business Reserve Account be transferred shortly to a Clubs and Association Account offered by another organisation.

The major drain on funds continues to be the Ski Fit evenings at the George Carnall Centre. Numbers attending these sessions have fallen over the last few years to such an extent that the Centre is now only booked from October to the end of February rather than from September to the end of March. Four or five more attendees per session would ease the deficit.

Finally, a grateful thank you to our Auditors, Harry Ashworth and Joy Baxter for checking and rechecking both the Club Accounts and the Holiday Accounts.

Brian Richards 03.10 2003